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Be a Hero

Slogan Breakdown:
While looking through Go Safely’s Website I learned that one of the main concepts is that a driver’s actions affect people around them, as we are not the only ones on the road. After weeks of contemplation my sister came up with the connection: a heroes’ ultimate goal is keeping other people safe so they can go home to their family. Obtaining superpowers is not the only thing that makes up a hero, it is the saving of lives. As drivers, we can be heroes in our community if we choose to drive safe and save lives. Who doesn’t wanna be a hero? So we came up with the slogan: Be a Hero. Drive Safe. Save Lives.
As a community we should all strive to keep others safe.
Design Breakdown:
This specific design would catch the eyes of not only all teen drivers but all current drivers and soon to be drivers because of its vibrant colors and the uncommon style will let it stand out on the highway. The background is a self made vector drawing (not a clip art) of a city in an iconic comic book style. It’s color scheme was chosen to resonate go safely’s traditional color scheme and logo.

Additional Information

Your High School and City: St.Mary’s High school Stockton


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