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Enjoying A Safe Ride At CSUDH

We enjoy visiting our local university for our daily stroll. The area is very conducive to pedestrians and bike riders with it's various sidewalks, crosswalks, and well-lit paths. Our daughter enjoys safely riding her bike by staying in those well lit paths, waiting near the lit stop sign, and looking both ways for oncoming traffic before crossing to the other side of street. She also always remembers to put on all her protective gear (kneepads, elbow pads, and helmet) as well as wearing her reflective hoodie so that she is very visible to any nearby vehicles. The university is also spacious enough that it is very easy to stay socially distant and we always remember to keep our face masks on in case that we cross paths with anyone out for their own daily stroll.

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Francisco Guzman Jr
Author : prosio2018
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