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Going Safely to the grocery store in LA

When I walk to get groceries at dusk or later, I wear a reflective vest. It’s warm where I live in SoCal, so I like walking when it’s cooler – during dusk and night. This collage’s first image shows me wearing my face covering and reflective vest as I head out on my walk to the grocery store. That way, I’ll be more visible and I won’t spread germs to my fellow night-walking neighbors when I pass them on the sidewalk. The collage also shows me looking both ways as I prepare to cross the street. Even when the light changes and I get the walk sign, I look both ways before I enter the crosswalk and continue to check for cars and cyclists as I’m crossing. You never know when someone might be turning right on red or running a light. Especially if they’re distracted, they might not see me even though I’m wearing my vest. The final photo in the collage shows me at my destination that I walked safely to, with the view of the grocery store behind me.

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Risa Jensen
Author : prosio2018
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