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Your Choice.

Throughout the process of my drawing, my main idea was to incorporate the contrast of life and death. When I was thinking of ideas, I wanted to add a personal feeling to it which is why I drew silhouettes of a family because your family or any loved ones would be the most hurt knowing death took your life over a cellphone. On the visual you can see on the left a family with a heart above it showing love surrounded by color and life. On the right you can see a dark gloomy distance of tombstones indicating death. The main point was the dark and gloomy mood showing that the driver is heading towards death by choosing to look at the cellphone. The driver always has the choice to risk his or her life picking up an electronic device to look at a notification or ignore it and come home safe to their loved ones. As you can see in the rear view mirror the person is looking down at her phone. The fact that she chose to look down and pick up her phone made her life at risk and now has a greater chance of being hurt and never coming home to her family. The driver always has the choice.

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Your High School and City: Madera High School, Madera


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    1. I voted for Kayla Martinez because her drawing brings such a powerful message about texting and driving which so many people have lost their lives because of this such a beautiful art piece ❤🙏😍

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