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The California Office of Traffic Safety is pleased to introduce our “Did you Know?” video series. We focus on interesting tidbits related to safety on the road and each video has a different topic that can help educate you on different ways to keep yourself, and others safe on the road regardless of how long you have been driving.

Remember, we can all take action to stay safe on the road. Go safely, everyone!


Video 1: Did You Know?…… Driving: The Most Dangerous Action Teens Take

Video 2: Did You Know? California Has a Hands-Free Cell Phone Law

Video 3: Did You Know? California Graduated Driver License Law

Video 4: Did You Know? Distracted Driving is Not Just Cell Phone Use

Video 5: Did You Know? Distracted Driving is 100% preventable

Video 6: Did You Know? Administrative Zero Tolerance Law


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