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Large Truck Safety

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Large trucks traverse our state every day, providing essential goods and services to Californians. Due to their size and weight, they are handled much differently than other smaller vehicles on the road. It is important to know how to interact with large trucks, particularly in areas where you see more of them.

Together, we can all get to where we need to go safely.

Safety Tips

Tips for Drivers

  • Avoid the “No Zone.” Large trucks have blind spots on all four sides. 30 feet behind, 20 feet in front, 1 lane to the left, 2 lanes to the right.
  • Slow down or move ahead to avoid blind spots.
  • Signal before moving into the left lane to pass. Be sure you are able to see the driver in their rearview mirror before changing lanes.
  • Do not tailgate.
  • Anticipate wide turns.
  • Never try to squeeze between two trucks, or the truck and a curb.
  • Provide extra space and be patient.


Large trucks take 40% longer to stop than a regular vehicle
increase in crashes involving large trucks over the past 10 years
yards, or the length of a football field, it can take for a large truck to come to a stop
of deadly crashes involving large trucks occur on freeways or highways
people were killed in 2018 in crashes involving large trucks
in front and 30 feet behind are the blind spots of a large truck. If you can't see the driver in his rearview mirror, they can't see you!
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