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Who May Enter?

The Bike/Walk Safely Day Picture Contest is open to all California residents 18 years or older.

Rules & Guidelines

Submit one photo of yourself biking or walking that shows how you “Go Safely.” To be eligible for entry, the photo must consist of at least three of the four criteria below in one image, OR  you may submit a collage of no more than 4 photos which satisfies all of the criteria below.

1.      Your safety gear (prepping your gear, bike, wearing reflective vest or tape)

2.      California nature/landscape

3.      A “safe” action (wearing a helmet, waiting at the crosswalk, looking both ways)

4.      Final viewpoint of where you biked/walked to

Photographs may not incorporate any text, digital alterations, copyrighted characters (i.e., comic and/or television characters) and magazine or newspaper illustrations. Photographs must be taken by the person entering contest and/or have express written consent from the photographer.

ATTENTION: Please accurately follow all requirements and restrictions, as failure to do so will subject the entry to disqualification. All winning entries become the property of the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) which reserves the right to modify any photos for reproduction purposes.

Only one entry per person will be allowed.

Judging will be based on:

  • Proper use of safety equipment

  • Clarity of pedestrian safety and/or safe biking methods

  • Relevance of photo(s) to the required criteria

  • Creativity, originality, and artistic quality

  • Visual clarity, ability to easily view elements

How to Enter:

1. Watch the introductory safety video*

2. Take photo(s) that meet the criteria in the Contest Rules and Info page

3. Fill out the agreement form and email the form to

4. Submit your photo and form on the contest entry page

* You will need the three word code from the informational video in order to fully complete the required agreement form.

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