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Thank you all for your submissions.


Erin Garvey, San Jose, CA

Francisco Guzman, Carson, CA

Gretchen Swanson, Long Beach, CA

Risa Jensen, Los Angeles, CA

Steve Padgett, Sunnyvale, CA


Enter your photo for a chance to win one of 5 laptop computers, provided courtesy of iHeartMedia!

Take a photo (pit stops for selfies are cool) that shows how you “Go Safely” while on a bike ride or walking.

How to Enter

1. Watch the introductory safety video*

2. Take photo(s) that meet the criteria in the Contest Rules and Info page

3. Fill out the agreement form and email the form to

4. Submit your photo and form on the contest entry page

* You will need the three word code from the informational video in order to fully complete the required agreement form.

Winners will be chosen based on criteria provided in the Contest Rules & Info.

A panel of judges will award five laptop prizes courtesy of iHeartMedia to the top five photos!

Only California residents are eligible to participate. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. Only one entry per person is allowed. Only one prize will be awarded per winning entry. Duplicate entries will be disqualified. All entries and/or materials submitted become the property of the California Office of Traffic Safety and will not be returned. By participating, you are granting the California Office of Traffic Safety perpetual, royalty free license (but without obligation) to use your images online, on social media, and any other media without limitation.

Remember the Go Safely photo contest is open to California residents 18 or older.

Your submission has to be approved before it will appear on our site. Once content has been approved, you will receive a confirmation submission email.

For any questions related to the contest, please contact us at:

Big Sur, HWY1

Author : prosio2018
Name: Miguel Passmore

Safety first while riding bike always wear helmet

Author : prosio2018
Name: Adrian Anthony Peraza

A walk in the park is our favorite thing to do. My nephews know they can walk next to each other socially distancing from others nearby. We wear our masks and make sure to stay in lighted areas. They can

Author : prosio2018
Name: Janet Andrade

We enjoy visiting our local university for our daily stroll. The area is very conducive to pedestrians and bike riders with it’s various sidewalks, crosswalks, and well-lit paths. Our daughter enjoys safely riding her bike by staying in those well

Author : prosio2018
Name: Francisco Guzman Jr

I’m not lucky enough to live by nature, so it’s extra important that I Go Safely while walking in the suburbs. I wear bright clothing and am vigilant even if I have the right of way.

Author : prosio2018
Name: Mackenzie Bise

Think before touch

Author : prosio2018

Safety is 1st when it comes to work or play

Author : prosio2018

Striding is a fantastic workout for me… passengers, Snickers and Skittles don’t find it difficult at all.

Author : prosio2018
Name: Christine Hunwardsen

My safety gear: wearing reflective garment
California nature behind me: Nandina plants – Although not native, very common to California
A safe action: Me carrying a flashlight as I set out on a walk after dark in Redwood City, California

Author : prosio2018
Name: Kathy Voss

When I walk to get groceries at dusk or later, I wear a reflective vest. It’s warm where I live in SoCal, so I like walking when it’s cooler – during dusk and night. This collage’s first image shows me

Author : prosio2018
Name: Risa Jensen

Be aware when you walking and see a Stop sign!

Author : prosio2018
Name: Umair Shaheen

I prepare for my morning walks to the beach by wearing a reflective vest and making eye contact with drivers before I step off the curb and while I cross the busy intersection to get to my destination.

Author : prosio2018
Name: Gretchen Swanson

Pictured are my 4th grade and kindergarten daughters riding safely in northeast San Jose – with helmets, during daytime hours, on the correct side of the pedestrian path, and wearing masks!

Author : prosio2018
Name: Erin Garvey

It doesn’t matter how you get there – as long as you’re safe along the way!

Author : prosio2018
Name: Steve Padgett

Our first-grader, Rafael, is learning safe walking best practices from our School Crossing Guard, Barbara Roberts. She models safe walking and the kids love her!

Author : prosio2018
Name: Emily Ryan

We would like to ask viewers to choose safe behavior. At this collage we have a three examples of irresponsible behavior as speeding, luck of focus on the road and driving without a helmet. So, best way is a safe

Author : prosio2018
Name: Liza

It’s important to see who is coming. You have to look both ways and obey traffic signals before you start riding again!

Author : prosio2018
Name: Kirin Long

My children were walking to school in California with safety precautions

Author : prosio2018
Name: Phillip le
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