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Rotem Nagar, Easterbrook Discovery School (San Jose)


Karolina Engono Mve, Ida Jew Academy (San Jose)


Jackelyn Murillo, Lathrop Intermediate School (Santa Ana)


Ela Weintraub, Central Middle School  (San Carlos)



Abigail Verrando, Don Juan Avila Middle School (Aliso Viejo)


Jamie Argarin, Notre Dame School (Vacaville)


Anali Benavides, Woodlake Valley Middle School (Woodlake)


Claire Aguilar, Rancho Pico Junior high (Stevenson Ranch)



Rex Levinson, Lyman Gilmore Middle School (Grass Valley)


Camden Lien, Fred Newhart Middle School (Mission Viejo)


Mehar Bhatia, Carolyn Clark Elementary School (San Jose)


Sanjana Viswa, Peterson Middle School (Santa Clara)


Thank you all for your submissions.

Your Mission

Design a poster to encourage your peers to “Go Safely” by using safe practices when walking or biking.

Unleash Your Creativity

Download the poster template, then use your imagination to bring it to life! Add color, paint, characters, cars, etc. The options are endless! Just remember, safety first!

How to Enter

  1. Download poster template and print.

  2. Design your poster and be creative.

  3. Take a picture of your poster or scan a JPEG.

  4. Download and fill out the Parent Waiver form.

  5. Submit your poster image below and send your parent waiver form to

Download and print Poster Template:

Blank Template and Creative Examples:

Poster Template blank
Poster example 1
Poster 2
BP Poster example 3

Download and print Parent Waiver Form:

Prizes awarded individually for 6th, 7th and 8th grades
Deluxe Art Set
Art Set

Once you’ve finished coloring and designing your poster and are ready to enter, take a picture of your poster or scan and submit it on the entry form below.

Have a parent or guardian print and fill out the Parent Waiver form and sign it. Submit the completed form by emailing a scanned version to Go Safely PSA Contest at

Winners will be chosen based on criteria provided in the Contest Rules & Info and announced on A panel of judges will award First Place, Second Place, Third Place and Honorable Mention prizes.

Contest extended to: 5pm on Monday, 12/2/2019. Winners will be announced by 5pm on Monday, 12/9/2019.

Only one entry per student will be allowed.
NO TEAM ENTRIES. More than one student may NOT submit a single entry.

Remember the Go Safely poster contest is open to California students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades only.

Your submission has to be approved before it will appear on our site. Once content has been approved, you will receive a confirmation submission email.

For any questions related to the contest, please email:

Pay Attention WhenCrossing

Name: Richard E. Byrd Middle School, Sun Valley
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

Too many pedestrians are distracted by their phones these days. The left side of the poster shows the safest way to cross the street. Using the crosswalk when the “Walk” light is on, not looking at your phone but making

Name: Saint Anne School in Santa Monica, Ca.
Grade Level: -8th-Grade

Go Safely

Name: Rio del Valle Middle School, Oxnard
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

Walk Safely to School

Name: Rio del Valle Middle School, Oxnard
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

Hare helping Tortoise cross in the crosswalk quickly.

Name: Easterbrook Discovery School, San Jose CA
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

When crossing, Stop, Look both ways, and then Go Safely!

Be alert always, especially when crossing the road. The boy in the poster has these things in his mind as he is crossing and he feels safe using the crosswalk.

Name: Barbara Chilton Middle School, Roseville
Grade Level: -8th-Grade

Kangaroo stopping, looking and listening before crossing.

Name: North Star Academy, Redwood City
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

Fox crossing the street in busy traffic

Name: North Star Academy, Redwood City
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

Always be aware of your surroundings, and don’t use your phone while driving, or walking across the street.

Name: Cottonwood Creek School, Dublin
Grade Level: -7th-Grade

While all kinds of distractions and multitasking occupy our minds …. Be careful and attentive …. while on the road !!!!

Name: Carolyn Clark Elementary School
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

Always wear a helmet when riding a bike

Name: Teviz bakersfield
Grade Level: -8th-Grade

Stop, Look, Cross

Name: Paul Revere Charter Middle School, Los Angeles
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

Always make eye contact with drivers when crossing the road. My poster shows the best way of making eye contact and acknowledging the driver. Be sure to put down your cell phones and other devices!

Name: Inspire Charter Schools, Duarte
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

Dont be distracted by your phones.

Name: Sycamore Middle School Gridley California
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

There has been a new way to get around town called Lime. It is a electric scooter Company where you download an app and you scan the QR code and you pay a dollar for every mile you ride. So

Name: Sycamore Middle School Gridley California
Grade Level: -8th-Grade

Cross the street slowly and carefully at the crosswalk. Make sure that all vehicles have stopped for you before walking. Don’t rush to cross the street and instead take your time.

Name: San Joaquin Rancho Middle School,Irvine
Grade Level: -8th-Grade

When crossing the street always remember to take a second to just look up from your phone. Just putting down your phone can risk the chance of being injured. You’ll never know what beautiful moments could lie ahead of you

Name: River Heights Intermediate Middle School
Grade Level: -8th-Grade

Since I’ve always been a Beatles fan, I decided to create my poster with a Beatles theme.  Personally, I think the best crosswalk is the famous Abbey Road crosswalk. I made this poster with colored pencils and markers. I added

Name: Lyman Gilmore Middle School, Grass Valley
Grade Level: 6th-Grade

Always wear a helmet

Name: River Heights intermediate, Eastvale
Grade Level: -8th-Grade

Watch Where You’re Going

Name: Richard E. Byrd Middle School
Grade Level: 6th-Grade
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