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Help put an end to distracted driving, specifically texting or using a phone while driving (which is illegal in California), by joining the California Office of Traffic Safety’s “Go Safely” Distracted Driving Campaign efforts. We are asking California high school students to take part in our PSA Challenge and use your creativity or storytelling skills to make your own Public Service Announcement (PSA). Teen driver crashes are the leading cause of death for young people nationwide.

We want you to take the creative liberty to address what YOU think motivates young adults to drive safer and without distractions. What kind of message do YOU think would work to make a difference to eliminate distracted driving? Tell us your story!

If you are under 18, please click here to download the Parent Permission Form, and have a parent or guardian fill it in and sign it. Submit the completed form by emailing a scanned version to Go Safely PSA Contest at

The ad must include the Go Safely California logo, which you can download here or visit our website Toolkit page for more assets and inspiration.

Your submission has to be approved before it will appear on our site for voting. Once content has been approved you will receive a confirmation submission email.

Click here to view sample California OTS distracted driving videos.

Prizes awarded for each category, please read Contest Guidelines & info for full details. To enter either contest, you must be a California high school student between the ages of 14 and 20 at the time of entry.

The contest is now CLOSED for submissions.

Voting will still be open until Thursday May 30, 2019.

Total votes for the Contest "Go Safely Video Contest" : 1120

See the distracted habits of a driving teen. Though shown with a comical twist, the serious dangers of distracted driving are clear.

Name: Megan Morkus, Lindsay Kennedy
Your High School and City: Canyon High School, Anaheim
0 Votes

In Just A Second GoSafely

Name: Rosa Serrano
Your High School and City: Atwater HighSchool
0 Votes

Back To the Basics of Driving Safety, We follow Jack on the journey of growing up and the consequences of not knowing about Distracted Driving Laws.

Name: Aaron Patterson, Andrew Patterson, Theodore Chinn
Your High School and City: Claremont High School, Claremont CA
0 Votes

A brief synopsis of the adventures of getting your license as a teenager, while still remembering the importance of undistracted driving.

Name: Colin O'Brien
Your High School and City: Albany High School, Albany
0 Votes

This turned out much, much poorer than anticipated due to an abundance of corrupted media files and the hassle that came along with it. 🙁

Name: Colin Kirkpatrick
Your High School and City: Claremont High School, Claremont CA
0 Votes

This PSA illustrates the importance of terminating your distractions when driving. It isn’t safe to have people taking away your focus when on the road. So mute your distractions

Name: Fisher Lopez
Your High School and City: Claremont High School, Claremont
0 Votes

Distracted driving puts your life and the life of those around you at stake. It’s not worth the risk.

Name: Alyssa Launier, Irene Covarubias, Jessica Manners, Kelsey Carlson
Your High School and City: Murrieta Valley High School, Murrieta CA
7 Votes

Text messages and phone calls aren’t the only thing that can impair driving.

Name: Arianna Lerdo, Love Sanchez, and Jaycob Gonzales
Your High School and City: Claremont Highschool, Claremont
4 Votes

Our video is a PSA about distracted driving. Texting while driving is one of the biggest distractions and this is what can happen because of a text

Name: Marissa Reyes, Amairany Oritz Nieto, Daffne Bautista, Britney Anne Tolentino
Your High School and City: Canoga Park Senior High School, Canoga Park
6 Votes

The distraction of vlogging while driving has gotten more popular across social platforms. This video showcases what could go wrong when you drive while vlogging. Don’t become part of the distracted epidemic.

Name: Kalin Greene and Cyenadi Greene
Your High School and City: Claremont High School, Claremont
0 Votes

After a late night party, a few teens wander back to their car and begin to head home. As their irresponsible decisions begin to snowball, they are put into a life-threatening situation. Will they make it out safely? Or will

Name: Jessica Donald
Your High School and City: Rim of the World High School
10 Votes

Distractions come in All Shapes and Sizes including a crying little sister

Name: Kevin Alcaraz
Your High School and City: Pittsburg High School
13 Votes

Video is about not texting and driving and to promote safe driving

Name: Christian Venegas, Nick Reyes, Sean Magana
Your High School and City: Rio Mesa High School, Oxnard
0 Votes

Just Leave It Down is a short PSA informing the public about the benefits of not picking up one’s phone while driving. This video is relevant to teens because it shows the reality of a teen driving every day, so

Name: Julia Ruccione and Maggie Brodie
Your High School and City: Whitney High School
1 Votes

Look Ahead – Driving PSA

Name: Gabriel Reyes
Your High School and City: Lompoc Highschool, Lompoc CA
1 Votes

My video is about teenagers who text and drive making the road not safe for others. This video shows how teenagers should drive.

Name: Stephany Dijar, Caleb Cerrera
Your High School and City: Rio Mesa High School, Oxnard
1 Votes

Edited and acted by Digital Media students from California School for the Deaf.
Actors:Leslie Leon, Feplie Diaz, Raul Quintero and Ayisha Yang

Name: Maureen Klusza, Digital Media Teacher
Your High School and City: California School for the Deaf
15 Votes

Imagine if your phone were a person. You would constantly be bombarded with notifications from different social medias and messages—all of which would distract you and put you in harm’s way. So don’t risk it, and silence your phone before

Name: Anh Pham & Sophia Nguyen
Your High School and City: Westminster High School, Westminster
247 Votes

What whould you do if a friend, or family member gets in a car accident? Well we have the answer, McBride students believe that driving safety is one is the best ways of preventing a car accident. In this video

Name: Watch each other’s lives
Your High School and City: McBride high school / Long Beach California
26 Votes

A man crashes into a cyclist due to his lack of attention. He realizes that the crash didn’t actually happen and is given a second chance at life.

Name: Lance Roberts and Blake Roberts
Your High School and City: Canyon High School, Anaheim
25 Votes
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