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Pay Attention! It can save your life.

Too many pedestrians are distracted by their phones these days. The left side of the poster shows the safest way to cross the street. Using the crosswalk when the "Walk" light is on, not looking at your phone but making eye contact with oncoming driver instead is definitely the correct way to cross the street.

The right side of the poster shows a person that clearly doesn't follow the basic safety rules when it comes to crossing a street. Pedestrians that walk across when the red "stop" sign is lit up, paying more attention to the phone rather than the oncoming traffic, almost getting hit and upsetting drivers that are just going about their day are making the streets dangerous themselves.

Every person has to have a personal sense of responsibility to keep our streets safe.

Additional Information

School Name and City: Saint Anne School in Santa Monica, Ca.
Grade Level: -8th-Grade
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