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Every day, people are killed and seriously injured on our roads. In 2021, nearly 4,300 people were killed in traffic crashes on California roads, or about 12 people killed in traffic crashes every day. This is unacceptable and cannot continue as the status quo.

Traffic safety deserves our undivided attention, especially for communities hurt by previous transportation decisions. The biggest toll has been on people of color and people with lower incomes.

We asked for your help to address the crisis on our roadways by completing a short survey and share your thoughts on what actions are needed to make our roads safer. See live results of the survey.

To create a safety culture where zero is the only acceptable number of traffic deaths and serious injuries, we encourage you to join the Go Safely Movement and pledge to be a Traffic Safety Champion. You can drive traffic forward in your community and take an active part in creating safer roads for all. Click on Count Me In to learn more and sign up to become a Traffic Safety Champion.

Why are safer streets important?

Did you know that in California…

people were killed in traffic crashes in 2022, more than 10% (10.4%) of all traffic deaths in the U.S.
pedestrians died in 2021. 3 people a day.
people were killed in alcohol-impaired crashes in 2022. A nearly 28% increase from 2020.

We are experiencing a crisis on our roads.

Roadway deaths deserve more attention than it gets. Society has become used to roadway deaths, but we shouldn’t be.

We should not, as a society, accept that people are killed every day while biking, walking or driving. Nor should we accept that every 39 minutes someone in the United States dies in a crash because a driver had too much to drink.

Traffic safety deserves our undivided attention, especially for communities hurt by previous transportation decisions. The biggest toll has been on people of color and people with lower incomes. A daily activity should not be a life-or-death situation.



Black pedestrians have a 65% higher fatality rate compared to white pedestrians.



Locations with household income of less than $50,000 a year were nearly twice as likely to be sites where people are struck and killed by a vehicle compared to locations with income greater than $50,000.

We know it will take urgent action to make our roads safer for everyone, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help.

Let’s keep our kids, families and loved ones, safe. Join the Go Safely movement and tell us what actions you believe are needed to reduce deaths and serious injuries on roads.

Explore how to stay up to date.

Creating safer streets for all.

See how we’ll achieve our goal of zero deaths – and stay at zero.

Roadway Safety: A National Call to Action

Achieving a vision of zero roadway fatalities is a national movement. Through a Call to Action campaign, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) is asking stakeholders to commit to specific actions in 2023 to reduce serious injuries and deaths on our roadways.

Why We Need This

Our nation is experiencing a roadway safety crisis.  We all have a responsibility to make our roadways safer for everyone. Explore interactive data visualizations to learn about the significant impact of motor vehicle deaths in our communities and where progress is being made in achieving zero roadway deaths.

Be an Ally in Action

Is your organization committed to zero fatalities? Join USDOT’s National Roadway Safety Strategy (NRSS) Call to Action and be an Ally in Action—government at all levels, law enforcement, industry, nonprofit and advocacy organizations, researchers, and beyond!

Stay up to date

Join us as we work towards our goal of zero deaths.

OTS Tracks Newsletter
Get updates and learn more about our work to improve traffic safety.

Video Library
Learn more about the different ways you can Go Safely.

Traffic Safety Navigator
Learn valuable insight into the current status of the State Highway Safety Plan.

Work Together
Join safety stakeholders and work together to improve highway safety.

California Highway Safety Plan
The 2023 Highway Safety Plan (HSP) is our state’s blueprint to foster a safe, equitable, and accessible transportation system.

Strategic Highway Safety Plan
Developed using the data findings and input from regional outreach events to determine effective strategies to reduce roadway fatalities and serious injuries.

Traffic Safety Campaigns
View our library of campaign videos promoting traffic safety.

Director’s Policy for Road Safety
Caltrans has a vision of zero road fatalities and serious injuries by 2050. Our vision will be achieved through adoption of the Safe System approach.


Show your support on social media with #GoSafelyMovement!


Digital Media Toolkit

Support the #GoSafelyMovement: Digital media toolkit materials can assist the public and traffic safety partners in lending their voice to the #GoSafelyMovement and galvanize interest around safe roads for all in California and beyond

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