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Digital Media Toolkit

Support the #GoSafelyMovement: Digital media toolkit materials can assist the public and traffic safety partners in lending their voice to the #GoSafelyMovement and galvanize interest around safe roads for all in California and beyond. Materials are free to download, share and customize. With the same social handles on main page here.

Show your support on social media with #GoSafelyMovement!

#GoSafelyMovement Logos

Use the logos to promote your support for the movement. Click an image, right click, and select “Save As”.

Social Media

Amplify the campaign on social media. Click the links below to download the image and captions.


Image (Facebook/Instagram)

Image (Twitter)


LET’S GO cautiously, patiently, and responsibly, California! Get on board with The Go Safely Movement. Commit to becoming a Traffic Safety Champion at #GoSafelyCA


Let’s G🛞 influence others to go safely, California! Become a #GoSafelyMovement Social Media Influencer now at #GoSafelyCA


LET’S GO (safely) together, California! Engage with local organizations to help address traffic safety issues by becoming a Traffic Safety Champion today. Visit to sign up now. #GoSafelyCA

Short Form Video

Brand Name (20 char):
Go Safely California

CTA Destination:

Video 1

Video 2

Virtual Backgrounds

Support the #GoSafelyMovement during virtual meetings. Click an image, right click, and select “Save As”.

Print Materials

Show your commitment to the #GoSafelyMovement.

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